Autism Therapy in Marietta, GA

Propel Autism puts your child first & supports your entire family unit. Our highly-skilled clinicians provide ABA therapy the Marietta & Powder Springs area.

Autism Therapy in Marietta, GA

Propel Autism puts your child first and supports your entire family unit. Our highly-skilled clinicians provide ABA therapy serving the greater Marietta area.

Family Testimonials

We couldn’t be happier with Otis’s team – we’re so grateful to have found Propel and have them supporting us through the journey of learning how to best support and advocate for Otis.

Our BCBA and RBTs really feel like a part of our family and Otis completely adores them. Most importantly, they embrace, celebrate and bend to who he is and what he needs, rather than asking him to assimilate to their outcomes or objectives.

While an autism diagnosis came as a relief as we finally have many questions answered and we understand our son better, it also flipped our world upside down and we didn’t know which direction to go. Ryan was with us the entire way and assembled the right team to address Jacob’s needs.

Our family has been working with Propel for just over a year, and the changes/progress we have observed in our son (Otis, 4.5 yo) are absolutely incredible. 

Our son recently graduated out of developmental speech, is making huge strides in his ability and desire to socialize with peers, and is really beginning to harness the potential of his neurodivergent ‘super powers’.

Our BCBA and RBT are extremely communicative and knowledgeable, and they are a true extension of our family.

The goals put in place are super clear and tailored to Jacob’s specific needs. They are established based on feedback from the RBT’s, our nanny’s, teachers’ and anyone with direct interaction with our child which makes them very comprehensive.

5 star reviews

Accessible care with insurance

accessible care with insurance

Our Clinicians

Our Clinicians

Intake Process: What To Expect

The first step of Propel’s ABA therapy intake process will involve evaluation and observation of your child. Together with your family, the BCBA will carefully tailor a treatment plan that works for your child and the other members of your household.

    Whether you need to speak to a clinician or just want to talk, we’re here for you. 1 (404) 593-0078

    We understand how complicated navigating insurance coverage for your child’s care can be. Our team will manage the entire process until we have received approval from your provider.

    A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will conduct a 1:1 assessment with your child. Our team will take the time to engage with your child through play, observation and conversation. The assessment allows our clinicians to build a highly personalized program tailored to your child.

    We align your child and family with a carefully selected team who will work tirelessly to help your child meet the goals in their plan.


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